Un Viaje a México



Tips for completing this assignment


1.  Take notes using Word.  Use "control C" and "control V" to cut and paste from a page on the internet to your notes.  Save the file in your personal folder and on a disk.  You will have to organize your notes (see #2 below).  Even though you are working in pairs, both students are responsible for having all material. (Try emailing copies of your work to each other.)

2.  You will turn in a written report that contains the proposal for your trip. You will write in the future and condicional for this proposal.  This 'propuesta" will be two to four word processed pages--all in Spanish. (This is at least 500 words.) You can write your proposal up as a projected day-by-day itinerary. Or, you may create another method to demonstrate your plans in detail.

Include a title page and a bibliography page (see #5 below).

3.  Copy and save images and maps.  You will be using Powerpoint as your technology for the visual aids you will use in your presentation. What images you save you will use to highlight your trip. Your presentation to the class will be a Powerpoint presentation that will be a record of the trip you and your partner "took" to Mexico.

4.  Go to Google and Yahoo! to find information.  When you find a good web site, add it to the bookmarks on your machine.  Also, copy the address to your notes. Navigate the links at the bottom and top of each page of the site to find other valuable resources.

5.  All information you find must be attributed.  That is, you must tell where your information came from. 


  • the title of the web site

  • its location

  • its date

  • and the author if available. 

This information will make up the last page of the written material you turn in.

Click here to go to a "site" that details how to "cite" resources from the web.


Here is a site that will format the citation for you (thanks to LB):

Citation Machine

This is what citation machine will create for you:

Vince, P. (2010, May 23). El viaje a méxico -- el proyecto principal para los alumnos de español dos de toledo high school. Retrieved from http://www.pavorael.com/espanol%20dos/viaje%20a%20mexico/viaje.htm

6.  To save an image from a web page, simply right click on the image and choose "Save Picture as . . ." and open your personal folder.

7.   Be sure to save your work.

8.   While you work on the computer, you may find it very useful to have your internet browser open and a document in Word open at the same time. You can easily copy and paste information about Mexico, activities, flights, and schools as well as information about your internet sources.


9. For help in working with Power Point, click on the links below for tutorials:

Power Point in the Classroom

Microsoft Office Online--Power Point 2003

Microsoft Office How to's--Power Point 2007


Click on the links below to download hard copies of the project explanation, critieria sheets, and other useful documents.

Un Viaje a Mexico Score Sheet

Viaje a Mexico Explanation

Report/Presentation Guideline

Click here for accent codes to write accented letters in Spanish.

List of Verbs to Use for Your Trip Proposal



  Banner image legend: top left--400 year old olive tree near Tzintzuntzan, Morelia, Michoacan; bottom left--la playa at Zihuatenajo, Guerrero; 2nd from left--la bandera mexicana in the Zocalo of Mexico City; 3rd from left--original restored fresco (in place) near Teotihuacn; 4th from left--street in Patzcuaro, Michoacan; right--view of the Jardin Union in Guanajuato, Guanajuato.  



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